retrouvé for every occasion

“I find that the items I buy at Retrouvé really work out to be very good value per wear, as I wear them to so many occasions. As many of them are from an era when clothes were made to last, they do just that. They are also very individual and special, and I really enjoy the process of selecting my buys, whether at the shop or at the Retrouvé parties.

This block print top is a real summer friend, an easy top to wear that instantly makes me feel upbeat. It also came with a matching headscarf.

I purchased this beautiful, pure, cable knit, wool poncho in perfect condition and it still is. Perfect for spring or autumn days.

This black lace 50 cocktail dress was a real dream of a find. It fits perfectly, is simple and yet has interesting features such as the lace and the gold crossover v-neck trim. It is a classic little black dress, and has been worn to weddings, dinners, parties and all sorts of special events. It is such good quality and always gets compliments.

Client 4- pic 2 -11_02_14I love this flowered 1930s dress. An absolute favourite, it’s such good quality and I have worn it many times, for walks in the bluebell woods, even to weddings! It still hangs beautifully and hasn’t faded.

Ginny is a very helpful host : not pushy but honest and encouraging: she really thinks about people’s individual needs, shapes and sizes, helping them to bring out their best features and personality.”


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